Originally from Latvia, Liga Valge is a self-taught polymer clay jewellery designer maker who now lives and works in Tullow, Co. Carlow.

     Liga first began working with polymer clay in 2011, quickly becoming fascinated by the possibilities that this versatile medium had to offer. Since then she has continued to participate in workshops by renowned international polymer clay artists as she continues to explore new ideas and making techniques.

     Liga is member of Design & Craft Council of Ireland and International Polymer Clay Association. 

     One of the centres in Ireland every year offering opportunity to take polymer clay workshops is Ennis Creative Arts Centre in Co. Clare. If you would like to see RTE Nationwide programme featuring centre and Liga's work please Click Here. It starts about 16 minutes into the show.

Polymer Clay

More and more artists and craftspeople here in Ireland use polymer clay to create unique items and it becomes more recognizable as medium, but at the same time there are still many people that don't know what polymer clay is. In my experience it often gets mixed with ceramic or enamel.

     Polymer clay is a type of hardenable modeling clay that comes in a variety of colors but despite its name is not actually a type of natural clay and typically contains no clay minerals. The only reason it has been named this is because of it's texture. Polymer clay contains polyvinyl chloride (PVC) mixed with  plasticizers that make the clay soft and pliable.

Polymer clay can be used to create jewelry, small accessories, card toppers and many other items. Because of it's versatility there are endless opportunities to create unique craft and art items.  Look in local craft stores and online art-supply stores, I'm sure you will find what you are looking for!

Please don't hesitate to contact me  with any questions you may have about my work or medium. I would be glad to hear from you: valgstudio@gmail.com


  1. So glad you signed up for the Rose Collar Workshop at EuroSynergy!

    1. Thanks Maggie, I can't wait. I'm sure it will be amazing experience.


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