31 May 2013

Mosaic Cane

     May is the first month of the summer here in Ireland. While it's definitely not one of  the sunniest countries in the world living in Ireland's sunny south-east would give us a little bit more chances. I could say that summer and recent sunshine must had some impact on the colour choice for my latest monthly challenge project. I worked with yellow, white and gold effect Fimo.

     Blending colours, making Bullseye canes, cutting them into 48 triangle shapes and building my Mosaic cane took a good few hours of work. It's not a proper Mosaic cane, but it has mosaic effect and I still have to cut more slices to see design fully.

     It is still very much a work in progress but I managed to play with the new cane a little bit. I am in love with my wavy shape beads at the moment and that's why there is more wavy pieces made, including this bracelet and ring.

       Sending lots of sunshine  your way! Liga

26 May 2013

Rhubarb and Interview

     Our house has rhubarb flavour this evening! I love rhubarb and every year at the rhubarb season I have to make a rhubarb jam. Rhubarb is one of my favourite treats.
      Since the days are getting longer and evenings brighter I thought that I will be able to spend more time creating and keep blogging regular but it was just an illusion. At this time of the year there is so much more things to do and enjoy, including making rhubarb jam and preparing for Eigse Carlow Arts Festival that hours and days are melting like ice cream in the sun!
     But at the moment as promised I am posting second half of my interview. First part can be found Here.

Bird On Branch Necklace by Valg Studio
     Tell us about your creative process?
From beginning until final piece can be weeks, even months. I don't like to rush and prefer to give myself and an idea time to grow. My creative process can include different components, often unexpected things has main influence on the final design. Important condition for me is silence. I love to work on my own and in silence.

     Do you create full time or part time?
I would say I am balancing between full and part-time. Working from home and having two small children doesn't allow me concentrate to capacity I would like to, but this also gives me opportunity to be more flexible with other things I need and love to do.
     What and who inspires you?
Small details in the surrounding environment are main source for my inspiration.  It can be detail in the building, poem, textiles or even biscuit packaging. But also people and nature give me ideas and inspiration. Once I was asked to make a brain tie pin!
Brain Tie Pin by Valg Studio
     How do you stay motivated?
It is good question. I think popping ideas in my head all the time keep my mind busy. There is so long list I would like to make, use different techniques and projects to become alive. Of course there are moments when I am asking myself how do I continue in the world filled with mass production but I believe there is a way for handmade.

     How does art enhance your life?
It is like icing on the cake, it add flavour to my life. It helps to understand and express myself in comfortable way.
     Best piece of crafty / life advice you ever received?
"Don't be afraid to ask" is one of my favourite. It can wipe away many doubts and problems in seconds and open doors for opportunities.
Flower Bead Necklace by Valg Studio
     Favourite places, food and song.
Favourite Places. I have been in many beautiful places and always good indicator is that I am saying: "I don't want to go, I want to stay here forever" even it is on the mountain top. But my favourite place is small village near Latvian Estonian border where my parents live and where I grew up.
Food. It wouldn't be hard to surprise me, because I like many dishes. Today I will pick Lasagna.
Song. Olly Murs, "Oh My Goodness". I like his positive energy.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed reading this, I had great fun answering questions and writing this post.