28 Feb 2013

Monthly Possibilities

     February - it means I had 3 days less than in January to enter 12 Polymer Clay Projects monthly challenge. Of course it wasn't my intention to leave it so late but here is what happened.

Glazed and ready for assembling.

I had a couple ideas what I wanted to try including Tribal Necklace, Flower Beads and Goose Bumps Project. None of them fulfilled my expectations, but I believe there are great opportunities and I will definitely go back to them and explore more.

Beaded part measures 3.5 x 4.5 cm.

There was 6 days left in February when I decided to use 3 colours of translucent Fimo and striped cane from one of my previous projects. I also wanted to include Mokume Gane technique elements and if possible to play with shapes. 15 small pieces, sanding, glazing and here you have my final piece - "Gathering" Necklace.

Eye-catching "Gathering".
Challenges. First, I knew that translucent clay will change its colour during baking and from beginning I was a little bit unsure about the whole concept but when I started to assemble everything came together nicely. Working on this project was quite spontaneous, that occurs when one idea sparks another, I just had to let my fingers to do what they like.

24 Feb 2013

Surprising Moments

     I would like to think that time after time we all get our little (or big) surprises. Sometimes it can happen quite regularly though. Recently I was surprised with lovely homemade dinner, but yesterday evening IT WAS SNOWING for the first time this year even it is Spring already here in Ireland.
     When it started snowing we all rushed outside and it was so amazing to see our youngest one (she is just over one year old) looking at the falling snowflakes against street light and the dark behind. You could truly see the surprise on her face. Yes, she saw snow for the first time!  :)

Polymer clay cane in the process.

     I also would like to share with you my  "surprise moment" when I am working with clay. Polymer clay is a wonderful medium and there is good few techniques how to achieve different designs. My favorite is CANNING technique. First of course I think about the design I would like to achieve, then step by step blend colors and create every detail separate. Next I put them together and build a cane with design I have chosen. 

Necklace made from Valg Studio Pastel Dreams cane.

      I'm used to cover the ends of cane so I don't see the design until I slice it. Color combination, shapes, the whole impression... this little moment always amazes me. It is probably the most exciting part of the whole process.
     MOKME GANE is another technique that doesn't show its look until the surprise ending and I am starting to explore it more and more.

     Do you have "SURPRISE MOMENT" in your work? I am actually sure you have!

15 Feb 2013

Posted from Hong Kong

     Last weekend Chinese communities worldwide celebrated the Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival. Even if you weren't taking part in any events yourself you could easily hear about it on TV or social media.
      It became special to me when I received my mail from HONG KONG during this week. Why it was so special that I decided to blog about it?

No. 1 Reason
      Because it had some most beautiful stamps I have seen in a very long time. And thinking about all these plastic bags posted now-days with white label on them, doesn't matter it's posted from China, USA or EUROPE, I just loved this padded envelope with red stamps.

The Year of the Snake has arrived in our letterbox.

No. 2 Reason
      Content of the envelope. It feels that we have finally found our shoe brooch
PIN BACK suppliers. We were looking for 1.5 - 2 cm size safety lock pins and after 10 month search and trying different suppliers we are happy with the quality and service.

Red Heels Shoe Brooch by Valg Studio here

      If you are a maker you probably will agree how hard it is to find the right source. Not to mention that it is impossible to buy everything from one supplier.

No. 3 Reason
      It remained me that I once wanted to go to CHINA -
Guangxi, Yunnan and Guizhou provinces located in southwestern part of the country. I still want to go, but I will have to wait with my travel plans until our girls grow up a little bit more. Everything has its own reason and its own time.

Photo from Shangri-La in Yunnan Province here
      I prepared this blog post earlier this week, never got time to edit and publish. Yesterday I was talking to my sister on Skype (we don't live in the same country) and she told me that our cousin is going to China this Spring. Now I can't wait until I will hear all the experience.

      Enjoy your weekend. Spring is truly here and I'm LOVING the sunshine.

10 Feb 2013

Powerful Red and Me

     During this time of the year we see more red and heart shaped things around us and maybe we even get in this hearty mood ourselves. Recently browsing virtual world I even saw title: Success has a color, and the color is red. Hmm... thinking about all these red statements I decided to explore a little bit more about red and myself.
      First thought - RED ISN’T ME! But then I started to think do I actually have any red garments or accessories and I didn’t have to think too long, of course I have! One of my all time favorite cardigans is RED. Then I went and opened wardrobe searching for more RED and there it was -  red top with black sequin cat. After that I had quick look in photo albums and the only find was photo with another red top taken back in 2007. That’s it! Maybe 3 pieces of RED during 10 year period is enough for me?!
     Next - any RED accessories? Yes, I counted and I was surprised. I do have few of them including scarf, purses, beanie and some other things but my favorite three are pictured below.
My lovely RED wedges. Sadly I don't own them anymore.

Latest addition to my RED accessories. My first red handbag.

Finally my annual Valentine's Day earrings. Love them.

     Now I can say RED IS for ME. After this little research I would love to include more RED in my look, particularly more accessories. I think RED is wonderful but because it is powerful colour we are a little bit afraid of it.