20 Feb 2014

Brooch To Dress Up Your Look

     Brooches are an excellent way to accessorise yourself and to add that final touch that will complete your look doesn't matter what's the occasion. In this blog post you will find short musings about how to photograph jewelry and images with Shoe Brooches.

     More and more often I hear that it is recommended to have modeled photos for your wearable items to promote them better, especially if you sell online, for example on Etsy or your own website. I agree that it is easier for customer to imagine how the jewelry will sit on a real human body and also well modeled photos can get lots of attention, but there are some good reasons why people avoid using models too. I found great article "Using Live Models when Photographing Jewelry - Yes or No?" very informative.

      I have to find the perfect way to present my work yet.  Even though I have couple images in my Etsy shop I modeled myself and I think they turned out alright, I really enjoy photos where the jewelry is seen worn by its owners. Like these two lovely ladies wearing my Shoe Brooches recently. Very feminine looking! I couldn't be more happier! 

     I'm also sharing two pictures I took a while ago for my Etsy shop to help the viewers get a better idea of how the Shoe Brooch would look on. It's definitely not an easy job!

     Please feel free to add your thoughts or experience about using models when photographing jewellery and also have a look in Valg Studio Etsy shop for some shoe brooches available at the moment.

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14 Feb 2014

Knit With Clay

Why not?! Actually it is quite simple to knit with polymer clay. If you are interested to know a little bit more about this technique have a look at one of my previous posts here.

Grey Faux Knit Necklace.
It is natural to think about knitting and knitwear - cosy jumpers, scarves and warm hand knit socks when it's winter. It is still cold, wet and quite miserable weather wise here in Ireland and so I thought it would be good time to show some of my recent polymer clay knitting. The good news are that I won't need to pack them away when it gets warmer.

I would like to think these accessories reflect the warm and comfy feelings we have when we wrap up warm in the winter, but the best part of it is the excellent texture. In my opinion this jewelry will look great with simple jersey top or dress.

For the most of my accessories I have mixed two or three colour polymer clay, it can be one color if that is what you are looking for, but multiple colors better show texture and has great effect.

My favorite is the Black and White Swirl lapel pin. What catches your eye?!

Most of the items you can see here are available at my Etsy shop online here.

Black and White Swirl lapel pin.
Misty Blue Pendant.
Grey Cuff Bracelet.
Polymer clay Ring.
Pen with Faux Knit Detail.
Brown Knit Detail Earrings.
Brown Knit Detail Necklace.
Blue and Grey Tea Light Holder.

A knitter only appears to be knitting yarn. Also being knitted are winks, mischief, sighs, fragrant possibilities, wild dreams. ~Dr. SunWolf