14 Jul 2013

New Bangles

     For my monthly challenge post I have some new bangles to show. They were inspired by workshop with Ronna Sarvas Weltman at Ennis Creative Arts Centre where I participated with friend and feltmaker Nicola Brown last weekend.
     We were a small group and Ronna had plenty teachable moments for us. At the beginning it was a little bit confusing which techniques to try and what to make. I particularly liked demonstration for ring with wire inside and top embellishments. It is at least two step project and when I say this I mean it is with two baking rounds. I decided to use this technique for wide bangle. In the past I made bangles with wire mesh inside but always wanted to explore more.

Glazed wide bangle with stitched edge effect.

     I couldn't put all my ideas in one bangle so I ended up with two bangles and I also made matching ring. Overall I'm happy with outcome and I like this shade of blue because there is plenty possibilities to match it with different outfits. Denim jeans, linen dress, navy skirt - all good. Unfortunately I won't be able to wear bangles myself because they are slightly too small. When I made base it  slided over my wrist quite easily, but when I added inside layer it become to small. I have to keep that in mind when I make next bangles. Will definitely make more and show of results.

Unglazed bangle and ring inspired by workshop with Ronna Sarvas Weltman.
     I also want to mention that these bangles are made from Premo polymer clay. Polyform Products were supplying or workshop with lots and lots of Premo blocks and it was very interesting to try it for the first time. It is much softer and in my opinion with stronger smell than Fimo polymer clay. I also noticed that glaze looks more shinier on Premo but I will experiment more before I say it for definite.
At the moment I'm looking forward to holidays and will be packing my luggage  very soon!

     Click  HERE if you would like to read more about this workshop!

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10 Jul 2013

Do You Feel Love? Polymer Clay Love!

     Do you feel love?! A little bit? Yes? No, not really?
 These were the questions Ronna asked us during lovely two day polymer clay workshop at Ennis Creative Arts Centre. Sounds fun?! Yes, it really was an amazing experience.

Polymer clay workshop with Ronna Sarvas Weltman in Ennis Creative Arts Centre.
     I have to say that one of my new year resolutions was to participate in polymer clay workshop and I was prepared to travel. I never thought it could take place in Ireland (because it is sill quite new medium here) and not to mention that it would be with Ronna Sarvas Weltman. It couldn't be any better and Shirley Bredin at Ennis Creative Arts Centre was wonderful hostess. Have to agree with Ronna, it is beautiful place to teach and beautiful place to learn.

Ronna demonstrating what can be made using extruder and some other great ideas here.
     Now when this long awaited workshop is over I still have to pinch myself to believe that it really happened. We were eight ladies with itching fingertips willing to learn and explore. For me it was more a process rather than concentrating on finishing pieces although I will have two projects to show when they are completed. One of them wide bangle was finished this morning, will sand it  and then 3 days for each coat of glaze. Come back here on Sunday afternoon if you would like to see it!

Some of the participants from our workshop enjoying evening at Gallery Cafe  in Gort.
     Sometimes it is interesting to see the difference between what I have imagined about people before I meet them  from social media, other people experiences, couple emails we have exchanged and so on. All I had in my head that I admire Ronna's work and anything else wasn't occupying my mind. And of course I was delighted to see her amazing work in presence, but I can also say that she is wonderful teacher generous with her techniques, natural and caring, also fun! It was her first workshop in Ireland but I hope there is space for more of them in the future.

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