31 Jan 2014

Looking back, looking ahead.

We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves, otherwise we harden. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

 Beginning of the new year is natural time to look back and reflect what I have accomplished, things that didn't go to plan and habits I’d like to change.

Last years experience was huge. So many things happened! I guess the biggest of them was taking part in craft fairs and pop-up shops. It was definitely very valuable experience to meet customers and great to hear all the comments about the work. I also feel very grateful for meeting so many talented and lovely makers and sharing common issues with them. The whole experience has now summarized and helped to understand what I want to do different and set future goals.

At the moment I'm enjoying making little things - yesterday I made set of tea light holders, but I'm also working on prototypes for new earrings and bracelet as well as sketching ideas for new work to be exhibited in June.

The quote above this post also perfectly reflect what I have done with some of my work recently. It has been rephotographed, but this time on black background. I think the Red Wavy Necklace looks much better now.

Completely new and exciting thing on my personal wishlist this year is dancing. It's a beautiful skill and hobby that has been neglected for many years. Now to make it happen!

Have a creative time!