2 Aug 2013

Holiday Notes

     Better late than never. I will use this lovely phrase to smooth out my little delay with Thursday Afternoon Notes July post. I had wonderful two week holidays in Latvia and therefore this post will have more holiday feel.
 Week: July 26th - August 1st.
The Wedding Day, July 26th.
     It wasn't my wedding, but it was most amazing wedding I have been invited to. My brother got married to his fiancee last weekend and had amazing countryside style weeding in the barn and guests sleeping in the tents under apple trees.
Real summer treat straight from the plum tree. Pitty I couldn't eat them all.
Day after crazy dancing all night, July 27th.
    It was wonderful relaxing day with my family and friends. I am so proud of my parents. Was amazed to see them playing volleyball! 
Sunflower Sunday, July 28th.
     Aren't these flowers just so beautiful! This year they were specially grown in the farm for the wedding. Me and my sister decided to capture some moments while the flowers were in full bloom.
Rewarding beauty after all the effort and timing.
Start of a New Week, July 29th.
     Some people don't like Mondays in general. I don't mind Mondays, but this was bad day for me. I received  two news that made me feel very upset, but it's good that I was able to share my feelings and now I think it was a good lesson. And to wash all sad thoughts away completely I enjoyed this lovely sauna at my parents farm. Actually I enjoyed it every evening while I was there.
Beautiful from outside and relaxing inside wood-fired bathhouse or Latvian sauna.

Tiring Tuesday, July 30th
     In the early hours of the morning we started our journey back to Ireland. 14 hours later tired but happy we returned home in Tullow.

Nearly landing.
Back in Action Wednesday, July 31st.
     Washing, cleaning, answering emails, watering plants and doing all those other little things to get on smoothly after break. Especcialy enjoying gooseberry jam I made just couple hours before we left for holidays.

It's August already, August 1st.
     The best news of the day are that Blog Awards Ireland has extended the nomination date by a week for six categories including Craft. I know couple lovely craft blogs I would like to nominate. If you like to do the same just press HERE!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing Liga...it is a funny story, I would like to visit your Country I have very good references and August would be the best, later I guess should be very cold,it is as far North as IRL , wonderful sleep in a tent on a wedding party...lol.
    'se you' at Etsy !!!

    1. Hi Margarita, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. August is nice, but September also should be good because of the fall and it's not really cold yet. Every season has it's beauty. Let me know if you decide to visit Latvia! Cheers!

  2. what a pretty place. I love the sound of the country wedding too, tents and all.

    1. Thanks Anne - Marie, it really is beautiful place. If we will manage that skill swap sometime in the future we can have a photo & coffee break too. It would also be interesting to chat about your recent trip to Granada.

    2. oh gosh yes we must organise that some day before long..it completely slipped my mind with the holiday and all! Thanks for reminding me. We can talk via convo on Etsy.

  3. that sounds like such a lovely wedding :) I LOVE the idea of sleeping in tents beneath apple trees ! sorry I missed you at Gorey at the weekend but hopefully will catch up with you there in Oct. :)

    1. Hi Mary, it was very romantic wedding! :)I'm looking forward to meeting you!

  4. Lovely pictures Liga and I love hearing out life in Latvia, it looks very beautiful!

  5. Thats Lovley the płace is georgeus. All the best!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, good luck with your blog!

  6. Hi Liga ...what's up, are you went to Gorey ?
    I'm living in Gorey...next time tell me when , it's a small village and I'll go to meet you wit a cup of coffee....lol.

    1. Hi Margarita, Yes, I have been taking part in couple of fairs this year in Gorey. I will let you know when I'm next time there and maybe you can come. :)


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