29 Aug 2013

Afternoon Notes

     Here comes my monthly Thursday Afternoon Notes blog post. And just to make it a little bit different than usually I will go backwards in week. So what I have been up to today?!
Week: August 23rd - 29th.
Back to Etsy, August 29th.
     For many children and their parents it's back to school or first day at the school here in Ireland. For me it is editing photos and updating our ETSY shop.
New Fuschia Pink and Purple Accessories at our Etsy store now.
Clay day, August 28th.
     After a morning visit to the lovely Altamont Gardens and The Walled Gardens café I was happy to play at the clay table today. Accessories worn by talented Liz Schock in the picture on the right inspired me for my monthly challenge project. I fell in love with the wide cuff BRACELET from the first moment I saw it, but I have to say my bracelet developed into something completely different. I hope to post my finished piece this Saturday!
Paperwork, August 27th.
     Today we are educating ourselves behind the pile of papers and searching for different directions in our heads and online where Valg Studio could go in the future. Exciting!!! Despite the fact that this is time consuming it is GOOD to put the plan together.
Surprise, August 26th.
     What people do when they don't have all the ingredients to cook the meal they have planed?!
Go to shop?
Cook the dish they have all ingredients for?
Any other options?!
I forgot to buy carrots and just said I'll go and check in the garden. Of course I knew that I have about 10 carrots TRYING to grow, but I didn't expect them to be big enough. Probably because in the previous summers I failed to grow them I was happy as child to find out that they have grown so big. I guess the warm summer had its effect.
The Taste of Carlow Weekend, August 24th & 25th.
     Taste of Carlow Craft & Artisan Food fair will always be close to my heart because it is my local fair and also I remember my first experience here last year when Valg Studio started to take part in craft fairs for the first time. I even looked at photo on our Facebook page from that day, I had great time. I want to admit that Taste of Carlow has grown since. I was surprised and glad to see so many wooden chalets taken by old and new artists and craft people. If you are looking for something special and good quality handcrafted items - this is a fair you can go to. I hope it continues to grow and improve with every fair!
     Thanks to James form James Dominic Music for capturing some lovely moments from the fair including this one.

Busy Friday, August 23rd.
     We are busy preparing for the Taste of Carlow craft fair tomorrow as a part of Carlow 800 celebrations. Thinking about different display ideas, packaging stock and also finishing some earring beads by adding last coat of glaze.
That's it for the moment, hope you enjoyed reading!

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  1. Looove the big pink necklace.
    Re what do people do when they dont have the ingredients? I usually make some other (possibly wierd) concoction! I set out to make a Spanish potato omelette the same evening as your carrot incident and realised after I cubed all the potatoes I only had a dribble of oil so I ended up making thick potato and parsnip soup instead - using up the last wilting parsnip too - and it was yum! (even if I say so) How wonderful to grow your own carrots btw.

    1. Thanks for your Looove. :)
      And regards missing ingredients and coming up with new or adjusted recipes I think we can "blame" creativity again!

  2. Hi Liga....
    I like the enthusiastic you are..of course, children begin the school and all of us a new projects and new learning ...that's the great in our works..isn't it?
    About a grown edibles...I'm excited because at last I began a little one...not carrots for the moment , which are difficult to grow...need a very soft and removed soil ...which the grows deep....lol.....I need to learn more and more.
    regarding omelet potatoes ....it is so easy Anne Marie...I will explain if you want...it is sooooo good and looks good on the parties
    Have fun !!

  3. Ah !! forgot Liga..last year I went to the Carlow Craft fair in the Park , very nice place , and good set up with log cabin...lovely !!

    1. Hi Margarita, yes little wooden chalets provided by Town Council are lovely for the fairs. Hope your garden gets bigger and bigger with many yummy home grown goodies!

  4. I love the shape and colours of your new necklace. And what a lovely picture of you! When I forget important ingredients I do the same as Anne-Marie and make a concoction!


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