6 Mar 2013

8th March Women's Day

     It can mean different things to people based on their experience, place they live and actions they want to take. For me 8th March is a special day because it holds beautiful memories of my childhood. The 8th March cards and red tulips were very popular.

     I remember even in primary school when we girls walked in the classroom in the morning we all had red tulip on the desk and it wasn't only in our class and school. I have to say that boys usually would receive new pen, pencil and rubber on the Army Day 23rd February. It probably sounds quite unusual but those were times we lived in Soviet Union.
Vintage Russian 8th March Card
     Since Latvia become independent country meaning of this day has changed and 8th March isn't official holiday anymore but many people still celebrate it. It is so wonderful to see men not only congratulate their female family members, but often colleges too. Living in Ireland I miss scenes I used to see in the past. Some men here buy flowers but I have impression that most of them are Eastern European nationality.

     International Women's Day isn't just flowers and cards. It is also about challenges, successes and achievements of women. It could feel that Women's Day in Ireland goes unnoticed but there are 26 events listed on www.internationalwomensday.com website taking place nationwide, including, discussions, performances, coffee mornings, exhibitions but I'm sure there is more inspiring activities to be involved.

Here: www.internationalwomensday.com
     Browsing through different pages related to International Women's Day I stumbled over question: What action you will take this Women's Day? Good question... I have a little plan.


  1. What lovely memories! Happy women's day to you!

    1. Thanks Maria, it's great have them and time after time to bring to the surface. Memories are special.


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