28 Feb 2013

Monthly Possibilities

     February - it means I had 3 days less than in January to enter 12 Polymer Clay Projects monthly challenge. Of course it wasn't my intention to leave it so late but here is what happened.

Glazed and ready for assembling.

I had a couple ideas what I wanted to try including Tribal Necklace, Flower Beads and Goose Bumps Project. None of them fulfilled my expectations, but I believe there are great opportunities and I will definitely go back to them and explore more.

Beaded part measures 3.5 x 4.5 cm.

There was 6 days left in February when I decided to use 3 colours of translucent Fimo and striped cane from one of my previous projects. I also wanted to include Mokume Gane technique elements and if possible to play with shapes. 15 small pieces, sanding, glazing and here you have my final piece - "Gathering" Necklace.

Eye-catching "Gathering".
Challenges. First, I knew that translucent clay will change its colour during baking and from beginning I was a little bit unsure about the whole concept but when I started to assemble everything came together nicely. Working on this project was quite spontaneous, that occurs when one idea sparks another, I just had to let my fingers to do what they like.


  1. Wow! Seriously! It completely represents the gathering, love it. Maria

    1. Thanks Maria, I am so glad you like it. Will have to work now hard to create something exciting for March.

  2. I really like this, reminds me of a watermelon! :)

  3. Great, I like this comparison. Few people have mentioned it reminds them sweets. :)

  4. what pretty beads you made and the necklace is super cool.


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