24 Feb 2013

Surprising Moments

     I would like to think that time after time we all get our little (or big) surprises. Sometimes it can happen quite regularly though. Recently I was surprised with lovely homemade dinner, but yesterday evening IT WAS SNOWING for the first time this year even it is Spring already here in Ireland.
     When it started snowing we all rushed outside and it was so amazing to see our youngest one (she is just over one year old) looking at the falling snowflakes against street light and the dark behind. You could truly see the surprise on her face. Yes, she saw snow for the first time!  :)

Polymer clay cane in the process.

     I also would like to share with you my  "surprise moment" when I am working with clay. Polymer clay is a wonderful medium and there is good few techniques how to achieve different designs. My favorite is CANNING technique. First of course I think about the design I would like to achieve, then step by step blend colors and create every detail separate. Next I put them together and build a cane with design I have chosen. 

Necklace made from Valg Studio Pastel Dreams cane.

      I'm used to cover the ends of cane so I don't see the design until I slice it. Color combination, shapes, the whole impression... this little moment always amazes me. It is probably the most exciting part of the whole process.
     MOKME GANE is another technique that doesn't show its look until the surprise ending and I am starting to explore it more and more.

     Do you have "SURPRISE MOMENT" in your work? I am actually sure you have!


  1. what an interesting material...one I have just got to try some time

    1. Anne-Marie, glad you are interested! Polymer clay is a wonderful medium.


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