19 Mar 2013

Defect For Effect

     There are many wonderful people in the world and I am happy I had a chance to meet some of them and learn something great. During my study years I met very attractive and creative lady who was running summer camps for children. She had a great tip for us group of active tourism and free time management students. Defect for Effect!

     Then it just sounded good, now for me it is good advise. It is great way to look at something that haven't turned out the way you expected or if things have suddenly changed. You have a chance to use your creativity and come up with new ideas. It works in different life situations and it works with polymer clay.

     In the beginning of this year I was creating Red Shoe Shape Brooches. Basically I conditioned clay, rolled sheet of clay and used mini shoe shape cookie cuter to achieve my goal. Of course I had left over few quirky pieces of clay. I could knead them together and use for something else, they were just leftovers or also known as scrap clay, but I didn't. I turned defect into effect and created Red Devil necklace. I have to say it's not just me who like to play with scrap clay. Many other polymer clay people do this. There are even special techniques developed for this purpose , like Stroppel Cane or Natasha Beads.

Hope you have some Defect Effect  in your life too!

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