29 Jun 2014


Yellow Pleated Necklace by Valg Studio, photography by Rory Moore.

     The Summer does seem to slow things down a bit, it is holiday season after all. Quiet lazy days, more time spent with family and more time for myself.  It's natural to look back on the first half of the year, summarize, think about experiences and concentrate further.

     More trips to the seaside and strawberries from the garden are some of the summer treats, but of course I'm also working. New designs taking shape with new tools bought recently and I also enjoy experimenting with translucent layering technique I learned from Kathleen Dustin at workshop in Malta.

     Many things have been accomplished during these months, but the greatest gift have been meeting all the wonderful and special people. Would it be my mum, friends, professionals, like minded people or somebody I will probably never meet again. 
     Today I would like to tell you about Daniel Torres whom I met during the EuroSynergy Conference. He is wonderful man and artist and recently has started a new blog - The Creative Entrepreneur Daily. Daniel says it's intended to be a celebration of everything creative and entrepreneurial - or both at the same time. Information on the blog is very helpful and interesting. Well worth checking out!

FORM Designmade in Carlow first joint exhibition at Borris House during Festival of Writing and Ideas.
Have a great summer and talk soon!
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