12 Jun 2014

First FORM Designmade in Carlow Exhibition

     The members of FORM Designmade in Carlow is looking forward to welcome visitors to their first joint exhibition this coming weekend. Exhibition is part of Festival of Writing and Ideas which takes place at Borris House over the weekend of 14th and 15th June 2014 .

      It has been quite a busy time in the last few months. Four pieces for the exhibiting are now finished and safely delivered to the Borris House for the set up. Work from all members will be on show in the restored Laundry Building.

     My "Les Bonbons" necklace was inspired by desire to create design with large hollow cylinder beads and chosen pattern reflects lace elements and the idea of beautiful wrapping. I have used canning technique, hand shaped forms. My new "Fragment Series" brooches will also make their debut at the weekend. They are inspired by the architectural exterior details I have always enjoyed looking at. Using heat set oil paints and translucent layering technique to combine lines, contrasts and ornamentation I have created abstract designs from existing and imaginary buildings. 

     I'm looking forward to enjoy and celebrate this special exhibition. Everyone is welcome and of course there are many other events taking place this weekend in Borris and in Carlow region as a part of Carlow Arts Festival.

Take care,


  1. absolutely lovely and whimsical necklace! best of sales and new inspiration to a great team!

    1. Hi Lana, thank you for your kind words and wishes!

  2. All the best Liga, It seems a great start, something good

  3. Very interesting necklace!
    Good luck at the exhibition!

  4. Thank you so much for the kind wishes and thanks to everyone who came out to the exhibition!


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