9 Mar 2014

Blue Fashion

Ruffled Blue Earrings
      Maybe it's going to be a blue year! Cobalt Blue, Royal Blue, Dazzling Blue, Placid Blue - just a few shades to mention. Fashion colour reports, New York and London Fashion Week all talk  about this colour and how to create fresh and strong looks.

     I have always loved this colour, but rarely had anything blue in my wardrobe, never had blue accessories or jewelry. It all started to change last year when out of curiosity I  tried on cobalt blue scarf and was very surprised looking at myself in the mirror. I liked how my face lit up and changed. I can also see that I have started to use more blue in my work recently.

     According to Wikipedia, surveys in the U.S. and Europe show that blue is the colour most commonly associated with harmony, faithfulness and confidence, and in public opinion polls it is overwhelmingly the most popular colour. Blue is the colour of the clear  sky and the deep sea, also the forever fashionable blue jeans. In general it is very friendly colour, good to know that blue clothing and fashion accessories look great and are easy to combine with many different colours. For example other shades of blue, grey, yellow, red, and of course white and black.
     Do you like blue and does it have a place in your wardrobe? :)

Wide Bangle with Stitched Edge Effect

Blue Flowers Earrings & Ring available online in our Etsy store HERE
Blue Flower Bird Necklace available online in our Etsy store HERE

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  1. blue is always so fresh and calming. I love love love the little blue flower design. It just screams of summer

    1. Thanks Anne-Marie, no wonder we love blue sky and spend time at sea side - it's calming presence. Glad to hear you love the little blue flower design.

  2. I have a few dressy blue tops and they always make me feel really made up! Blue is an amazing colour, I love it because it's the colour of the sky and ocean and I live right by the sea, very calming. :)

    1. Hi Hannah, blue dressy tops are on the top of my shopping list for the summer! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Now you know I love blue!!! Lovely piece Liga.

  4. Love love love design blue flowers matching with ring Liga..it seems like a classic fashion that you always can wear with elegant black clothes on winter or white shirt in summer..lovely!
    but thanks so much for 'blue' information..I should make a blue quilt LOL

  5. yep...! look like I copy Anne Marie..and it isn't !! ha ha promise !

  6. Hi Margarita, you are welcome, I'm glad you find this information useful. And thank you for your generous comment, an idea just sparkled in my mind! Thank you!


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