13 Oct 2013

Photo Notes

    Since Christmas season is getting closer and closer it is almost impossible to manage my To Do List, certainly it's getting harder. I wanted to finish this blog post four days ago but  here I'm on Sunday afternoon. It has been busy time in studio and also emotional time for me too.
Week: October 4th - 10th.

New Earring Findings, October 4th.
I have been looking for a new earring findings for a while and was very happy to receive my parcel from Cinnamon Jewellery today. Cant wait to use them for my monthly challange project later this month.

Time To Myself, October 5th.
I had a lovely relaxing morning  and chated on skype to my sister. My hubby and the girls went to take some lovely pictures at Altamnont Gardens. This is one of my favourite pictures from today.
Picture Says it All, October 6th.
I'm not a neat freak, but except that it's nice to have some things in order around you, it also helps me to organize my mind. Image courtesy livingwellspendingless.com
 Back at the Clay Table, October 7th.
I'm still in love with faux knitting and couldn't wait to mix new colours and start knitting again. New work in progress.
Latest Creations, October 8th.
My new faux yarn has been put in good use and here are the first "fruits" of yesterdays work. Available online.
 Not Good News, October 9th.
You know when something isn't alright and you need to do something about it! I knew I should see doctor at least a couple months ago but I didn't. I will be good now and take more care of myself. Image courtesy pandorasinspiration.

Back on Track, October 9th.
October is Etsy Holiday Boot Camp Month with aim to get ready for Christmas season and I'm happy to take part. A little preparation and planning won't do harm. Setting up some goals today!

     Every month I pick a week and write about little things that happened to me or I noticed something I would like to share with you. Hope you had a great weekend and I will be soon back with new blog posts

Take care,

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  1. Liga, thank you for sharing your lovely post with us on blog teammate. I admire your shop...before stoping here. I would love to use all those Etsy tips for holiday season! xx, Lana

    1. Hi Lana, lovely to hear from you. Fingers crossed we achieve great things this season!

    2. Exactly! Fingers crossed already!:) THank you for visiting my blog!

  2. Liga...your knitted sweater is highly accomplished...I mean your earring knitted !! i love it ! even the colour seems real yarn..
    Take care yourself !!

    1. Thanks Margarita, I'm glad you like it, if it looks real to you then I have done good job. :)

  3. Amazing pics as always Liga. I will have to search for that plant in Altamount! Love the new "knitted" pieces, even more incredible in reality!

    1. Thanks Maria, I saw another unusual plant in Altamon Gardens few days ago, it's a little wonderland for me.

  4. hey I found you from etsy blog team, please follow me back! thx! lovely pictures~


  5. Wow - you had one busy week there! That's good. Your faux knit earrings are awesome! :D


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