31 Oct 2013

Logo Challenge

    This time my monthly challenge post won't be about polymer clay. You know already - it will be about our logo! It truly was a challenging task to complete.
     Logo may seem and easy thing to do but it's not. It doesn't mean it can't be created quickly by professional but since we thought we would like to have our own input it took a lot of time and effort. It must have be over a year ago when we first tried to come up with logo for Valg Studio. So many ideas and attempts starting from round shapes, including birds and flowers but it just didn't feel right. Maybe we didn't have clear vision, maybe we just weren't ready, maybe we felt we are alright for a while without it, but I kept dreaming about a great logo one day we would have.

Very helpful task to describe your  logo vision. 
     Towards the end of the summer I knew that we will need to work on packaging and logo was the missing element. I started to visualise different ideas and I was very confident that the logo will include bird with crown I created almost two years ago in Printmaking Course in Carlow. But every time I touched the pencil my bird changed until it disappeared completely!
     Great ideas and advise I took home from PR & Branding workshop organised by Craft Council of Ireland, Kilkenny and Carlow CEBs for craft and design enterprises at the beginning of October. During the workshop we had to describe our own product in one word and list them. You can see in the picture what was on my mind and I hope we have managed to 'translate' these emotions in our brand new Valg Studio logo.
     Some logos have great hidden meaningful symbols. In our case Valg has itself become a pink-purple symbol, can you see it?!

Here is how it all started with pencil and little template.
     Branding is about continuity and united style  - colours, fonts, design, proportions and  so much more. We still have a lot to do to achieve great concept but it feels like a good start and I would like to thank a lot everyone who helped with opinion and pointed in right direction.
     It would be really great to hear you thoughts about our logo, feel free to comment or add any tips or ideas you may have.
     I also would like to share with you couple links I found useful during the designing process:
10 Tips for Designing Logos.
Branding, Paskaging & Opinion
The Whitney Museum's Logo Video
Thank you for stopping by, take care and talk again soon,

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  1. well done on doing it and coming up with something interesting

  2. Thank you both, feels better and better every time I look at it.

  3. Great logo, congrats! I think it's much more complicated creating the logo than our crafts!

    1. Hi Elettrarosa, it certainly is, but despite the fact that it took so long I'm happy I had a chance to do it.


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