6 Jun 2013

Thursday Afternoon Notes

     When I started blogging I knew that it won't be easy to blog regularly. I have been blogging for 5 months now and I think I have managed not too bad. From very beginning I knew that in order to keep myself on track beside random blog posts I have to find topic I would like to blog about at least once a month and luckily I stumbled over "12 Polymer Clay Projects in 2013" Flickr group - which is about challenging yourself with one new polymer clay project every month.

My latest creations - fun bookmarks.
     I have always wanted to add more regular blog post series, but for different reasons it haven't happened. Recently I felt that there are little things that I would like to share but couldn't find the right format that would suit.
     Now I have and please let me introduce you to THURSDAY AFTERNOON blog post series. There will be notes about little things that happened with me or I noticed something during the week and I would like to share with you on Thursday afternoons. For the moment I will reflect only one week during the month but it could also happen more often. Fingers crossed I can keep up with this task and you can have a interesting posts to read.
Week: May 31st - June 6th.
Last day of the month, May 31st.
     In the local supermarket spotted lady wearing my earrings. This was the first time ever when unexpectedly I had this lovely, lovely surprise. I came out the supermarket with BIG smile, you could think that I have got all my shopping FREE!

June 2nd & 3rd, sun outside but me inside preparing for Eigse Carlow Arts Festival.
June 4th!
     Finishing touches, labels, boxes and ready to go. Work submitted for Creative Carlow Pop Up shop during Eigse Carlow Arts Festival. It is unusual feeling to go through selection process, but it has to be done! Afternoon, sowing peas in the garden, waiting for the selection results.
8.13p.m. email received, RELIEF. Tired.

Middle of the week.
     We are having glorious SUNSHINE EVERYDAY! Outdoor Cafes are great fun, loads ice-cream and suncream are a must! We are so lucky here, some countries in Central Europe are experiencing record breaking floods.

Another sunny day - June 6th.
     Most beautiful Wedding Invitation I have seen in my life! I know this wedding will be very special and Invitation just proves it!
This morning we had lovely surprise in mail box!
 Thanks for reading!


  1. Very funny bookmarks indeed Liga...so cute!
    I like your jewelry boxes as well.

    1. I'm giving bookmark characters names too, this is Loreen and Victor.
      Thanks, they are lovely simple boxes.

  2. cute bookmarks. And wow - how cool to see a random stranger wearing your jewellery!

    1. Isn't it great surprise?! It is like feedback you have been awaiting for!

  3. Hi Liga ... your blog and your work is beautiful. I hope I can develop my blog into one as beautiful ... I wont meet you in Ennis as I decided it was too advanced for me.... I need to do a beginners polymer class first ! but no doubt our paths will cross at some stage. Mary x

    1. Hi Mary, thank you for your lovely comment! It would be great in Ennis, you would learn very quickly, but if not I really hope sometime in future our paths will cross. x


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