25 Apr 2013

My Guest Post & First Interview

     Blogging is still quite new skill for me, I like to look at other blogs to see what they are doing, how, what is important and try to find my way of blogging by combining different ideas.
     Back in February one of the bloggers I have been flowing for a while and liked the style invited other creative bloggers to have a guest post on her blog. First I said to myself: "No, it's not for me", but then few weeks later I said: "I'll try and see what happens!" Nothing happened, there was two guest blog posts and after that blog haven't been active.
     I was a little bit confused, I hope everything is well for Rebecca and blog will be active again soon. But because time is moving so fast and things are changing much faster than sometimes we can predict I decided to post my interview myself. It could be interesting after a year to look back at this interview and see the difference. I hope you will enjoy reading it!

     Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself!
Hi everyone, I have a common Latvian name Līga and I am used to reaction when people ask me do I know baby biscuits called LIGA here in Ireland. I have two little girls and its fun I can give them "my own" brand biscuits.

I believe many of art and craft people started their creative journeys at early age. Mine started when I was in primary school. Back then I loved making my own skirts from mammy's dresses. About five years ago I fell in love with polymer clay when I saw beautiful polymer clay necklace. I was amazed by the choice of colours and techniques you can use to achieve most incredible designs. There is good expression that ''in order to find yourself you need to get lost''. I think it describes what this craft means to me very well.

     What do you make, how do you make it and what materials do you use?
My medium is polymer clay and I love making polymer beads for different jewellery projects. In simple words polymer clay is plastic clay in many colours and with great effects, for example, transparent or glow in dark features. I make everything from scratch - shape beads, cure them in the oven, next step is sanding and glazing, and then I can enjoy assembling process. Best compliment I have received is: "You take something ugly (if we presume that plastic is ugly) and make it beautiful".

     Tell us about your creative space.
My creative space is small home-based studio. It is really small but it's great to be able to close the doors and work away in silence or not to worry that curious little hands are wondering around when I am not there. I could wish to have a view over beautiful scenery from my window, but I have a quiet country town street. Believe it or not it has its charm and even I don't have clock in studio I know what time is from people passing by.

     The fun stuff – five words to describe you.
Maybe this is the hardest question. Here are five facts that could describe me a little bit better:

1. 10 years ago alone hitchhiked 1000 km for the intentional volunteer project.
2. I used to smile more couple years ago.
3. My favourite flowers are tulips, love coffee and figs.
4. Once I was Miss Elegance in my local school.
5. I would like to learn to ride a horse or even drive a car.

     This interview is quite long so I divided it in half. I am hoping to post the second half during May.


  1. i love the rich colours of ploymer clay too - its like the jewellery version of candy.
    travel has been one of my loves too - central america, new zealand. that quote about getting lost to find yourself? that felt like me at the time. its a good quote

    1. Hi Petra, thanks for your comment. Yes, it's great to be able to travel and explore new places, even just to the neighboring county.

  2. Ive always thought this clay must be such fun to work with. The creative possibilities are so wide.

    1. It is really amazing! I can't wait to learn new techniques and find the answers to my all how's.

  3. What a lovely read Liga. I didn't know some of those things, especially the Miss Elegance! And yes I bought some Liga today for my little man and I did think of you! Gorgeous pictures too.

    1. Thanks Maria, oh that was 20 years ago, I must be old. :)


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