30 Apr 2013

April One Colour Challenge

     It is the last day of April and it's time to get organized and write my Monthly Challenge post. Last month I was challenging myself with tropical colours, this month I challenged myself with one colour. I always wanted to try to make something with one polymer clay colour and see the possibilities.
     Early this month I was impressed by fellow 12 Polymerclay Projects in 2013 members' work using only one colour - blue.

Water Anemone by Elvira Krick.

     Days were galloping quicker and quicker, I didn't have time to make new cane but I had ideas for curvy shapes. Actually I made my first black wavy beads two months ago but then I was just playing, thinking about neutral complementary beads for my neck pieces. During April I have developed my wavy bead designs and I'm pleased with the results. They are little steps, I still have a lot to learn.

Wavy Beads Necklace by Valg Studio.

     One of the ideas was to create long wavy bead, I decided to try it with one colour, just to see if it works. Process was very interesting. I was curious how durable the big wavy bead will be. I had a surprise, it feels like a piece of leather, very flexible and soft!!! More testing needs to be done, but I feel very good about these long wavy beads.

Black Elephant Liquorice by Kni.Kni.
     Can anyone stop time, days are galloping too fast.


  1. pretty
    the vivid intensity of polymer clay is yummy

  2. Love the new necklace, its so bright and cheeful. Makes you think of summer!

  3. Thanks Petra and Maria, summer has finally arrived and we can have some colour fun too.

  4. Hi Liga, thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog ! Hugs, Elvira ♥

    1. Hi Elvira, it's pleasure and thank you for setting up wonderful 12pcp2013 group! ♥


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