7 May 2017

Art from Factory Floor Waste at Newbridge Silverware

     The Dross Evolution Exhibition at Newbridge Silverware has unique concept. The artwork by Martina Caffrey Shannon and 16 guest artists was created using factory floor waste. There are nearly 60 pieces of work on display and The Silver Restaurant at Newbridge Silverware Visitor Centre is hosting the show until June 3rd.

     Martina have been working on Dross Evolution concept for the past two years but I wasn't fully aware of it when last November I came across her beautiful wearable art pieces. Maybe things happen for a reason and when five month later Martina posted about the opportunity to take part in this project in the creative community group Bite the Biscuit on facebook I didn't think twice. Love exploring new ideas and give myself a new challenge.

     I was away when the parcel with the Newbridge Silverware factory floor waste arrived in the post. I am passionate about jewellery design but once I saw the metal pieces I very quickly visualized a bowl or a tray. I did some simple sketches, decided on colours and started to condition the clay. The most challenging part was to find a way to attach the large curved metal piece to the clay but I figured it out. I'm happy how it turned out but wish I had the time to create more pieces. 

     We had a wonderful time at the launch of The Dross Evolution Tour at the Newbridge Silverware! It felt amazing to be part of this creative group, see the most fascinating ideas turned into works of art and finally meet everyone!

     Thank you Martina for sharing your story and vision, all your hard work towards this amazing project! Please visit Dross Evolution website and contact Martina to learn more about it. Drop by if you are in Newbridge, nothing beats seeing art in person and while you are there you should also visit the Museum of Style Icons. Enjoy your visit!

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Liga x

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