8 May 2014

EuroSynergy Experience

     Overwhelming! Perfectly describes the EuroSynergy experience in Malta last week.
There were so many things going on, including, hands-on workshops, great seminars and presentations, shared experiences, mixed emotions, new friendships, inspiring moments and surprises just a few to mention. I'm very grateful to EuroSynergy Committee for organizing it and everyone who made this event so special. Of course it will take a while to reflect and take the next step, but I think the answer is hidden in this year's conference theme title - Together: New Vision.

     During IPCA Synergy Conference I didn't take many photos and didn't have much time for sightseeing, but luckily there is EuroSynergy 2014 Malta pin board created on Pinterest to have a better taste of this amazing gathering with participants from 29 countries worldwide!

Dan Cormier from The Cutting Edge presented The Broken Internet Project, it has some amazing results and I'm sure
there will be more information about it online very soon.
     First I would like to finish the pieces I started in the three pre-conference workshops and then I'm really looking forward to start working on new designs.

Take care,


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    1. Hi Anne-Marie, I really had a fantastic week, it will fill me up for long time!

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