30 Sep 2013

My Knitting Challange

     Rainy and grey sky on the last day of September suits very well to share with you my monthly challenge pieces and this rich autumn colour cake photo. Days are getting shorter and we lit our fire place almost every day, wrap up warm and start to think what this winter will be like here in Ireland?! Knitwear will have its season and it will be interesting to see where my faux knitted accessories will find their homes and lovely owners. 
Chocolate cherry cake and asters.

Dark Chocolate Brown Threads & Pin Brooch
     It was my second time to knit with polymer clay "yarn" and I still feel it will take time to master my knitting but I really enjoy the process and rich texture. I had sketched few ideas I wanted to achieve but some designs came as I was working away. I think it is good to leave the space for impulse and exploring. One of unexpected designs were the earrings below. I like to call them Acorn Earrings because their shape remind me the wonderful nuts of the oaks and suddenly earrings have a story. I have been often told that it is important to have the story behind the design and it's true.
     If you would ask me what was the hardest part of this challenge I would say two things. First, you have to be very careful not to squish the thread and now I have a couple of tricks in my head for next time that could improve the look.

     Secondly, I used chocolate brown, indian red and ecru colour polymer clay and it is hard to keep light colours clean after all the editing, flipping over, smoothing and other steps until the curing process but some how I managed. I really enjoyed this challenge and I can say that it's not the last time when I am knitting with clay threads!


Have a lovely fall season, keep yourself warm and talk again in October!


  1. I've never seen this technique before Liga. It looks fantastic! Love the earrings, the texture is lovely.

  2. I never though anyone could knit with clay, very original and beautiful.

  3. ummmm!! yummy...good association : chocolate cake and brown jewelery..lol
    love colours .

  4. Thanks everyone, it's great to have those little surprising moments and share them too. Now I'm planning new colour scheme for my next faux yarn. Excited!

  5. That is amazing Liga, now I understand how you do it! Love the colours, so perfect for this time of year.

  6. love the shape on the necklace....now I want chocolate cake with raspberry coulis.....


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